Training Opportunities

Professional Development for providers

ChildNet offers training to all staff members, including required courses for safety and well-being such as Diversity Training, Universal Precautions, and Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention (NAPPI) for a safer workplace.  Certification training for Child Advocates and other Client Services positions includes shadowing an experienced Child Advocate; 7 weeks of Pre-Service Training, and a designated number of weeks in a hands-on Career Development Department.  The Career Development Department also partners with Community Agencies for the most current seminars and offerings in the field of Child Welfare.

Providers are invited to attend ChildNet training classes as well as seminars and events that are listed on the Monthly Training Schedule.

Click HERE for the Monthly Training Schedule in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

To register for a training and for information on certification, workshops  and courses offered by ChildNet's Career Development Department, contact the Career Development Manager by phone at 954-557-0641 or by e-mail at

We value the education of children, staff, and community partners!

American with Disabilities Act

If you require Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations to participate in ChildNet events, please notify Jodi Lee, Single Point of Contact, by phone at 954-414-6000 or by email at within at least seven (7) days of the event.  Accommodations will be provided at no extra charge.