Keys to Independence

During the 2014 session, Florida legislators approved a 3-year pilot program under Statute 409.1454 Motor Vehicle Insurance for Children in Care, to provide youth in licensed out-of-home care with the opportunity to obtain their drivers license. The program, Keys to Independence, is now in effect and provides reimbursements to eligible youth for:

  • Learner's License Fee – Actual cost or $100 limit
  • Driver's License Fee – Actual cost or $100 limit
  • Testing Fees – Actual cost or $100 limit
  • 4-Hour Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Course – Actual cost or $100 limit
  • Driver's Education Course – Actual cost or $500 limit
  • Insurance - $200/month or $1,200/six months or $2,400/year
  • Deductible – Actual cost or $1,000 limit

Young male leaning out the window of his car smiling for the camera.

To be eligible, youth must:

  • Be in licensed foster care, relative or non-relative placement.
  • Be 15-21-years-old.
  • Meet the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) requirements for application of a learner's intermediate or full privilege license.
  • Complete a comprehensive driver's education course if you are requesting reimbursement for the costs for expenses related to an intermediate or full driver's license.
  • Have approval of your primary caregiver who will use the same standard that they would use for their own child - we call this the reasonable and prudent parent standard.
  • Complete the application forms and provide the required documentation.