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Call 800.962.2873 to report child abuse, abandonment or neglect.

Every year in Florida, thousands of children are subjected to child abuse, which can take teh form of physical or sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment or mental injury. 

Too many continue to suffer because the abuse is never reported.  Under Florida Law, any who suspects a child may be abused or neglected has a responsibility to report it. 

Signs that a child may be a victim of abuse: 

  • Unusual fearfulness
  • Lack of hygiene or inappropriate dress
  • Delayed emotional, intellectual or language development
  • Frequent injuries 
  • Feeding disorders 
  • Rocking, self-inflicted pain 
  • Sleep disorders, bed-wetting
  • Lack of eye contact, poor socialization
  • Acting out in school
  • Unexplained scars or bruises
  • Malnutrition
  • Many school absences 

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How to Report Abuse: 
Telephone 1-800-962-2873
Fax 1-800-914-0004
TDD 1-800-453-5145

Online at


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