Steps in the Adoption Process

Call the Adoption Recruitment Hotline in Broward County at 954.414.6001 and in Palm Beach County at 561.352.2501 for more information. 

  1. Open House 
    Attend an orientation for individuals interested in adopting. Email Broward Orientation or Palm Beach Orientation to learn more.
  2. Pre-Service Training
    Attend pre-service training classes.  During this class, you will be introduced to the child welfare system and learn how to care for your adoptive child. Completion of the training classes does not guarantee approval for adoption.
  3. Home Study
    While attending the pre-service training class, you will complete the other adoptive parenting requirements, including a home study and a background check.
  4. Match
    Once your homestudy has been approved, you can click HERE to view information on children available for adoption in Broward and HERE for children in Palm Beach County.  Attend recruitment activities, especially the matching events where you can meet the children. Once you've identified a child or sibling group with whom you have an interest, notify your counselor for more information.
  5. Placement
    After a child is placed in your home, a counselor must make monthly visits to assess the child's adjustment. The supervision period lasts a minimum of 90 days and ends when the counselor provides a "consent to adopt" to your attorney.
  6. Finalization
    Your attorney will schedule a hearing before a judge. At this hearing, the adoption will be legalized and the child will legally become a part of your family.


question marks drawn on a chalk board

Couple attending pre-service training

Parents playing with their kids in the park

Happy girl in her new bedroom, smiling sitting on her bed.


Every child deserves the security, love, and comfort that come with having a family to call your own.

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