Open Your Heart

Children right here in Broward and Palm Beach Counties have suffered abuse, neglect, and abandonment, and hundreds need loving foster homes. What hurts these kids today is that they feel forgotten by their community. But you can answer a child’s wish for a loving foster home and provide a healing place of refuge.

The need is real, urgent, and local. Make today the day you begin your fostering journey! Foster a Brighter Future by opening your heart and home to a local child. The first life to change will be your own.

Larry Rein - SF 100

ChildNet CEO and President, Larry Rein, comments on the daunting issue of reopening schools…

Larry Rein - SF 100

Miami Heat remains safe from COVID-19 and performs magnificently!

Larry Rein - SF 100

CEO and President, Larry Rein, highlights the federal CARES Act.