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Adoptive Child of the Month - Meet Marvin (17)

For information about how to adopt - call 954-414-6001 in Broward County and 561.352.2501 in Palm Beach County, or click here.

Marvin likes football and skating, and his favorite subject in school is Algebra. When relaxing, he enjoys playing video games and watching sci-fi movies. Marvin is an aspiring football player. Marvin wants a forever family that will help him stay in touch with his siblings.

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  • Become a Foster Parent
    Become a Foster Parent
    Join our everyday heroes who have opened their hearts and homes to experience the joy of foster parenting. Now is your chance to change a life by becoming a foster parent today.

  • Become an Adoptive Parent
    Become an Adoptive Parent
    Children are waiting to be a part of a forever family. Adoption is a lifelong commitment to parent, love and provide for some of our community's most vulnerable children.

  • How You Can Help
    How You Can Help
    There are many ways you can support ChildNet, including donations, yearly drives and fundraisers, in-kind goods and services, volunteering and much more.

  • #It Can Be Done Campaign
    #It Can Be Done Campaign Launch Event
    Join us at the launch of the #It Can Be Done Campaign to empower, develop and encourage foster youth.

ChildNet Performance 2013-2014

The child welfare system is complex with lots of stakeholders and moving parts but evaluating performance comes down to the core components of safety, well-being, and permanency.  Community-Based Care lead agencies, like ChildNet, ensure the safety of children by having them seen by a case manager every 30 days; maintain the well-being of children by taking them to the dentist every 6 months and to the doctor every 12 months; and ultimately, attain permanency for children either through reunification with their family or adoption. 

Click HERE to view ChildNet's 2013-2014 performance on these measures.

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