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ChildNet Champions Inaugural 2012 "Rock Hunt"

November 09, 2012

ChildNet Champions Rock Hunt 2012 was a blast!

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Click on Image Gallery to view photos from this event.

15th Street Fisheries Hosts ChildNet Circle of Supporters

Fort Lauderdale (Sept 12, 2012)

An evening to remember.  Details coming soon.  

Come back and see us.

Please take a moment to view our Image Gallery below.

Special thanks to everyone who joined us.

ChidNet launches ChildNetChampions

Fort Lauderdale (August 20, 2012)


ChildNet, Broward County's Community Based Care (CBC) lead agency, recently launched the formation of ChildNetChampions, an emerging leaders group for the organization, with an after-hours networking mixer at YOLO's O-Lounge

"We are so pleased with the turnout," said Larry Rein, ChildNet Vice President of Network Development. "It was a great way to build enthusiasm and awareness for this new group of volunteers. We look forward to working with ChildNet Champions on more networking events and, more importantly, partnering with them to raise awareness about the need for people to open their hearts and homes to foster or adopt children in the child welfare system ."

Click below to view our evening Image Gallery.  Special thanks to every one who joined us!

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